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Empower Network BBB

Empower Network have few complaints with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Everyone can use BBB to eliminate their competitions. BBB it’s the best tool for that.


 Let’s see some story from my own experience; before I been in real estate and mortgage business, when my competition see my company business progress, they simply file BBB complain against my company about nothing, regarding “bad weather”. Trust me; if you want to totally damage somebody or some company, there is nothing easier. Just go to BBB and after few click you complain is ready to check online by your current and future customers. BBB do not check information what you provide is true or not, they just file and that’s it. You can of course fight with them to protect your right, but anyway even you win, bad complain against you stay across the internet. If you have few like that, this means you are done with your business, go to vacation, because your business reputation is zero.

Another story from my playground; some my previous business customers to avoid pay my fee, after my service was done perfectly (they got what they want) they just file a claim with BBB against my company try to sneaky way do not pay for my service. When I respond for BBB claim with required documents (signed agreement by client) to prove my right, BBB close complain giving me winner title. But it was too late, my business opinion was already damage and BBB score C-

If you don’t believe me go to BBB website and try it yourself, you will be surprised how easy is to burn up somebody, or you can give me your company name than in a 5 minutes you will see online few complaints against your company :)

Guess who file complaints against Empower Network?

Just consider the fact that some people acting like that; they passing like a blind people all the warnings, disclaimers and readily available stats for company – wide income earnings. They’re going to sign up, click their mouse three times and waiting to get rich same day, without putting in any work…these clowns want a golden mountains without lift a finger to advance their business, but they’d spend all day long trying to defame someone or something they feel did them dirty. They become a member and do nothing to jump their business to higher level. They fear them self, they thinking this is quick rich scheme, but it’s not, this is business like other businesses around. To grow your business you have to work every day, not every day during 7 days, you have to work 30, 90 or 120 or more days to see result. You have to be patience and doing this certain way. If you try to do other way you will fail, you will be struggling.

For some, nothing is ever good enough and no matter what they doing, they’re always feel victim, they always been treated unfairly. I have no time for such idiots. Anyways, I’m not saying that Empower Network is the one business opportunity without downsides. They have cons, personally; I don’t know any perfect business, or business model.

Empower Network BBB, if you try to find good review about EN, you have to go deeper, find good and bad review, do not listen dumb asses who  been inside Empower few days, talk with leaders, with people who generating money through Empower Network and make your own decision. But remember; only good decision does not make you rich!! You have to work, Empower Network is just a tool, in my opinion best tool to generate money, but just a tool, without your hard effort and bright vision nothing happen. If you want to be rich, you have to also take action to become rich.

Nobody out there is going to do the work for you. You’ll need to learn and implement. Copy and paste, this is what this business is about.

If you can do that, consistently, you can crush any badass system out there and make money with it.

Internet Marketing Leader

Martin Nowak

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